iPad Mini Retina 32Gb

So with great trepidation I have indeed bought my second Apple device – an iPad Mini with Retina display (32Gb WiFi Black).  The truth of it is that I needed one.  And I using the word “needed” there on purpose as I really do need one.  I’m about to embark on developing the mobile versions of my application and I simply cannot test it on an iOS device if I don’t have access to an iOS device to test it on.

Anyway, so far it’s been a joy to use.  I didn’t get the Cellular version as I can use my HTC One as a wifi hotspot when out and about and I went for the increased storage (over the bas 16Gb) as I just know I would fill it up in no time.  16Gb might sound enough for a lot of people but remember that you have to subtract from that the space used by the OS so immediately a 16Gb iPad becomes a 13Gb iPad … 2Gb out of 16 is a lot more to loose that 2Gb out of 32Gb …

Anyway, I’m always amazed at how restrictive Apple are whist at the same time banging on about how connected their devices make people.  If that is the case why is there literally an explosion of apps just to allow the user to browse the contents of their iPad?  Why can’t my Mac laptop just mount the iPad storage and flick through it in a Finder window?  Why does my Mac need an app for that?  That’s basic networking right there?  I know we can manage stuff through iTunes (if that isn’t the bastardisation of a Media app I don’t know what is?).

For some reason it appears Apple don’t really want you to be able to do this which is why there is an explosion of these apps.  I’m currently using the imaginatively titles app iBrowse which is a free app from same people that made iExporer.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this little device, it really is something very cool indeed.

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