So, when I bought my iPad I really didn’t want to leave the store without a cover to keep it in, I knew it was only a stop gap case until I found the one I wanted but even for that use this is highly useless.  I bought this cover so thought I would do a review … it’ll be short.

Utter s***, put your iPad in a sock instead (one with a hole for the camera).

Seriously, there is NOTHING good to say about it, nothing.  The “fit” to the device is akin to an Octopus trying to wear a glove.  All the buttons are obscured by the case to one degree or another.  When you stand it up on the case it falls over … every time.  Seriously this is one of the shoddiest pieces of shit I have ever seen.

Seriously the write up on the web site lies with every statement, whatever it says about any aspect of the case the absolute opposite is the truth.  Utter, utter shit.  A blind, deaf and dumb Otter with arthritis could design and build a better iPad case out of its last defecation.

iPad Mini Retina 32Gb
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