Looking for a Free VST Sampler?

A short while ago I was looking for a free VST sampler that would offer enough flexibility to be useful and stable enough in my SONAR setup to be worth sticking with, as it turns out I’ve found a couple of seriously good products and more importantly, they are free!

I would dearly love to splash the case on a copy of Komplete from Native Instruments but I just don’t have that kind of cash free at the moment.  So, which samplers are we talking about?

Short Circuit

First up is this really neat, lightweight tool from Vember Audio, unfortunately this isn’t actually supported anymore as it has been moved to freeware status.  Having said that I’ve loaded it up into SONAR and imported some NI Battery kits (created with SampleSort) and haven’t any *any* issues whatsoever.  As far as I can tell Short Circuit is rock solid.  It has a great feature set to boot, granted it’s not Kontakt but if you’re looking for a very lightweight solid sampler this is fantastic.

Independence Free

When I found this I was genuinely amazed.  Yello Tools are giving you their main sampler software for free along with a massive 2+Gb sample set.  This is quite a tool and to be honest as far as I can tell (limited use so far) it’s comparable to Kontakt.  Well worth checking out.  The only limitation this has is that it will only load 25 samples so loading up a nice Grand Piano multisample is out of the question … oh well … it is free!!

Now, go forth and sample …

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