Apple, seriously … you fucked up.

Are you seriously telling your MacBook Pro & iPhone users that they’ll have to buy a dongle to connect their flagship Apple phone to their Flagship Apple laptop?  What’s that all about?

Your core user base (in your own words) are creatives.  I’ve been a pro photographer and a recording studio owner in some of my previous lives and you’ve just alienated all of them too.  All the graphics packages I use and Nvidia CUDA core hardware acceleration features.  This is KEY technology for these folks, Blender, Premier Pro etc … why did you throw out NVidia and welcome AMD?  All our pro cameras use SD cards and you’ve thrown that port away as well.  And we can’t even connect them via USB since you threw all of those ports away as well.

What the hell are you doing?

I like to run VMs on my Mac and I was seriously hopeful that this “upgrade” would include a 32Gb RAM option.  Why?  Why oh why?  I don’t care what you want me to think, this is NOT an upgrade.

Then the price … holy shit.  Just no, bye bye Apple.  Why even Apple fanboys are crying over the price you know you have a problem on your hands.  It’s going to be interesting watching the sales figures fall off a cliff.

No ESC key you say … oh really?  WTF?

£2,349  Fuck Off … just FUCK OFF Apple you have lost the plot.

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