Our Whales are Being Destroyed–by the US Navy

Not very many people are aware of this issue at the moment but it’s something that needs some serious attention as far as i’m concerned.

“‘Nuke the whales” stickers have made the suffering of these animals a joke, but they are enduring a ferocious new onslaught from Naval sonars that have recently been deployed.

These sonars generate sound pulses of 235 deceibels [that is a frankly indescribable volume – a jet at take off is about 130db if your stood 100 feet away], the equivalent of a gigantic rocket launch. They shatter the sensitive audio sensors of whales, cause them internal bleeding, and kill them.

Recently, a federal court gave the go-ahead for the Navy to deploy this killer sonar system, but you can still make your concerns known, and perhaps get the Navy to reconsider the use of this cruel system, which is designed to detect enemy submarines–a need that can be just as effectively served using a number of other systems.”

You can register your objections here:

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