PlasticSCM – Just Don’t

If you’re considering this source control tool.  Stop.  If you’re considering this for your development team, have mercy on them and stop.

I haven’t been confused by, annoyed by, dumbfounded by or angry at a source control tool this much since I stopped using Visual Source Safe 10 years ago.  This is one of the absolute worst development tools I’ve ever had forced on me.

The hilarious thing is – it isn’t even free, people are paying real money for this!.  Believe me, if it was my choice in tooling they’d have to pay me to use it.  If you are charging for source control these days you have to be pretty damn special and plasticSCM really is not special at anything at all.

I’m not even going to go into the details of why you shouldn’t use it as I simply cannot be bothered to have this tool waste any more of my time, but I feel the need to warn others.  This tool is incoherent.  Just use Git.  There is no benefit in this tool over Git, plus Git is free.


Git, Git, Git, Git, Git, Git.

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