Programming Fonts

I do like a good font it has to be said.  One current favourite is Open Sans but as a programming font a non mono-spaced font is useless, no matter how much you like it, programming fonts really need to be mono-spaced. Open Sans is clean and elegant and very easy to read on a screen.  The light version in particular is very nice.  But when it comes to writing code you need something a little bit more controlled and of course mono-spaced.

I thought I’d start keeping a page on my site dedicated to a collection of good alternative fonts for us developers.  I specialise in .NET and C# so I spend a lot of time in Visual Studio and more recently Rider, either reading or writing code so a good programming font is particularly important otherwise fatigue can set in pretty quickly.  When you have a lot of code on-screen being able to clearly identify things is paramount.

A programming font needs to suitable for at-a-glace “reading” as you aren’t looking for words as such but looking for symbols as references to objects and instances. Enabling the ligatures is also a good idea in order to further symolise your code.

The default font in Visual Studio for the various code editors is Consolas which, to be honest, is a really great programming font, however it can’t hurt to have a look at some alternatives now and again.  So below you’ll find a list of fonts you might want to check out.

The font I’m currently using, and love, is Hack.

Bitstream Vero Sans Mono (link)


Fira Mono from Mozilla (link)


 Hack (GitHub,link2)


 Source Code Pro (GitHub, link)


 Input (link)


If you come across a really good programming fonts not listed above, please get in touch via the contact page and I’ll include it on this page.