What is SampleSort ?

SampleSort is a Windows application that helps producers, engineers and musicians manage and navigate their audio sample collection in one easy view. Anyone that is producing music or audio projects will know that it doesn’t take long before you have gigabyte upon gigabyte of source audio material. With the price of storage plummeting it has become the norm to store literally thousands and thousands of files on a DAW ready for use in what ever productions are currently being worked on.

Major Features

  • One Click Sample Auditioning
  • Upto 32Bit/48Khz audio support
  • Fast searching
  • Database View
  • Explorer style browser view
  • RanDrum™ random drum kit builder
  • Exports NI Battery format drum kits
  • Drag & Drop samples directly into other apps
  • Include/Exclude compressed files in searches
  • Automatic file categorisation
  • Copy required samples to project directories
  • Sample library statistics
  • Support for over 160 file types

browserview databaseview randrum



Well if you didn’t know i’m designing a database app directed towards windows musicians. Its basically a file management database that is specific to the file types associated with audio apps, audio production and MIDI. Just built the first alpha .exe file last night in fact. I’ll have some screen shots and wotnot online soon. Once i’ve got a page uponline i’ll be taking submissions for requests and so forth.

Woo! 😉