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SQL Compact Edition 3.5

SQL Compact Edition 3.5

Have just started evaluating this for my SampleSort project and so far I’m really impressed. Compared to even SQL Express this has got a ridiculously small footprint (less that 1.8mb) and which makes it really great for embedding in applications and due to its not requiring Administrative rights to install along with an application it makes including it and making it transparent to the end user really neat and tidy on the installation front.

As ever searching the Microsoft site for information can be a huge task in itself but during my searching I found a really useful document that dedicated itself to a discussion based around your selection of database engine for you application. It concentrates on putting forward different arguments pro and con between SQLCE or SQL Express. When considering these two solutions for local database storage this is a harder decision than you might think. If you decide to embed SQL Express (a harder task than SQLCE) your looking at bloating your applications install by 60mb … not a trivial amount of data on top of your applications code base. You can find this document at the link below … well worth a read …

Choosing Between SQLCE 2005 and SQLEE 2005


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