Have you ever ran into a situation where for some reason you cannot load an SSL certificate from the store?

Have you checked the thumbprint, like … a thousand times already.  Why does it work over here, but the same code doesn’t work over here?

Place your cursor next to the first quote mark … press delete … if nothing appears to happen you’re officially in the codepage twilight zone …

Actually, it means you probably copied the certificates thumbprint from the MMC snap in, pasted it into your configuration file and saved it … WRONG, FAIL … even if you deleted all the spaces you still left an unrepresentable character at the start of the string and this has made it’s way through to the server you’re testing.

Always do this:

  1. Copy the thumbprint
  2. Paste into Notepad
  3. Copy again
  4. Paste into your code

Happy Days!!

I decided to do a bit of poking around to find out what character it is and found this Microsoft article.

Happy Nicola Tesla Day 2014

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