Using a Synology for my business has been a real boost to productivity and disaster recovery resilience. From off loading various tasks to the Synology or just running backups it’s a great device to have around for plethora of reasons. Getting those backups running smoothly can be tricky resulting in failed backups or missing things or only being partially completed. You never want to read that a backup failed in your logs!

Backup Failed – Permission Issues

There are many ways to use Active Backup For Business but I think the most popular is also the simplest – whole machine backups. All that’s required is installing the agent on the machines you want to backup, configuring them and setting up the backup cycle. A fire and forget type scenario.

My situation is a bit different.

I’m honestly not that interested in backing up Windows. All pertinent data is held outside of the OS drive and frankly Windows is so damn easy and fast to install these days it’s become a minor job. Gone are the days of wading, knee deep, through piles of IRQ settings …

The way I generally approach this is backing up devices via the File Server task type.

  1. Create a specific backup account on the device you want to backup, such as BackupUser
  2. Set-up sharing on the directories you wish to backup and ensure it’s shared with the BackupUser account
  3. Create your File Server task within Active Backup For Business using the devices name or IP address and the BackupUser credentials
  4. Now in the Backup Source tab you’ll be able to browse the shared directories

If you simply add the account to the directory permissions on the device, the backup will probably error with something like:

Backup path /YourDirectory failed.(You do not have the permission to access the file on the source server. To learn the required permission, please refer to this article.)

This can also end up with a message such as:

The backup task BackupDevice was partially completed.

That’s where the sharing configuration is important.

Happy Synologying!

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