Crazy? I don’t know yet but I decided to go for the upgrade to Windows 10 on day 1 …

Most of the update motored through the process seemingly without a hitch. That is until it got to the “Configuring settings xx%” stage. It started to go through that process fairly quickly and then hit 21% … and sat there … and sat there … and … you get the picture.

It was long enough to make me get a little concerned that something was going wrong. So I started doing some searches and found that this is seemingly a common “problem” even with the technical previews.

I unplugged all the extras like external hard drives and wotnot and then it bumped up to 22% so it is actually doing stuff but it seems like this final stage might take a VERY LONG TIME indeed.

I’m going to bed and I’ll see what it’s like in the morning.

No sooner that I hit the publish as I typed the sentence above then it jumped to 26% and 81% overall update so it should be good but this is by no means a fast process and this machine has a fast SSD drive …

UPDATE 30 / 7 /2015

So the upgrade seems to have gone without a hitch.  The only problem I’m faced with at the moment is my MOTU Traveler.  MOTU haven’t yet updated their drivers to support Windows 10 so if you have mission critical use of MOTU Firewire hardware you should wait until that has been rectified.

One thing I did encounter on the first login was a notification telling me that I was using a temporary profile and that I didn’t have access to my files and folders.  A quick restart later and login and all was well again.

UPDATE 30 / 07 / 2015

Interestingly it appears that an update has been pushed out already as all my Firewire audio spontaneously started working today.  Very cool!

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