Why are Hardware Manufacturers Web Sites and Documentation Like Black Holes?

As some one that has built a large number of PCs and servers over my career I’m constantly surprised by how products I have bought and used can utterly vanish from their web sites.  Like they are an embarrassing aunt that gets too drunk at Christmas and no-body wants to mention.

Even some reputable companies like Plexstor.  I cannot find my drive mentioned anywhere on their web site anymore.

This has been prompted by a recent issue with a my Lacie D2s.  Great drives.  They have this feature of a “one-click backup” that you can initiate from the drives themselves by pressing the illuminated blue button the front of the drive.  But it’s never worked for me.  Their documentation doesn’t mentioned anything about how it works and their “troubleshooting” page on their site is laughable at best.  All it says is “update the drivers”.

On Windows 7 I gave up trying to get it to work.  I’ve just upgraded to Windows 8 and still couldn’t get it to work.  I just rebooted at for the first time ever I just saw a little bubble message that read:

“Cannot configure Lacie Shortcut Button, Shortcut button is incompatible with Firewire, use USB instead”.

Er … Okay.  Firstly, why isn’t it compatible with Firewire, I can’t think of any technical reason that wouldn’t work.  Secondly, why is that only mentioned in a driver that I shouldn’t have even installed since I do only use them with Firewire?  Poor show guys.

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