Seems that Skynet (an actual Military virtual drone control system btw, not just a bad pun by yours truly) has taken on the country Estonia, and nearly won. Apparently in April this year a cyber attack of an unprecedented size was launch against Estonia and nearly brought its government and banking systems to a standstill by flooding its networks with bogus traffic.
Pretty scary stuff really, just as the internet has levelled many other playing fields could it also be the terrorists playground in the future where extremely small groups of very smart and organised people can hold entire countries hostage in a digital jail?

“The computer attack aimed at Estonia recently shows that the world can’t ignore the dangers of cyberterrorism any longer. It was one of the biggest cyberattacks ever launched, and it nearly brought an entire country to its knees. On April 27, traffic on government and banking Web sites based in Estonia began to increase rapidly; by the next day, the hackers began to use Russian weblogs to spread the message and instigate further participation; by then, traffic had increased nearly 1,000 times, and virtually all Web sites were down. Some have called the attacks, which spread into May, the world’s first Internet war.”

Internet War .

Hiroshima ...
Swim at your own Risk

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