I have just one point but I think its an important one … if you are going to bomb around the countryside in such a hulking great lump of metal you have a responsibility to the rest of us not unlike that of any other driver of large vehicles (a lot of them have to take specific tests to do so remember!):

a) Learn to drive that monstrous vehicle with confidence and conviction.
b) Buy a smaller car, you obviously can’t drive the one you own.
c) Get out the way of the rest of us!

This message isn’t aimed at all 4×4 owners by any stretch, some of you can drive your 4×4 perfectly well, however there is a large community of 4×4 owners that have simply bought one for the wrong reasons.  When you encounter them on the roads you can see the fear in their eyes that they are totally out of their depth … these are the people i’m referring too!

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