So it was on May 3rd 2014 that I was made Godfather to Tara Skye.  I was literally floored when Vix and Toby asked me if I would be her Godfather, such an amazing event in my life.  To stand there in front of all our friends and be usured into the extended family was an amazing feeling.  Erin and I had such a great day together as well.  Too much fun for our little heads!

We all gathererd at the farmhouse on Paddington Farm for the ceremony.  The same place where Toby and Vix had gotten married in the hand-fasting ceremony.


Tanya that runs the trust was amazing as ever and we set about having a grand old time of it.  I was a little nervous at doing my reading as you can imagine but really the proud feeling was without doubt the dominant feeling of the whole weekend.  Once we had all arrived we walked from the farm to apple orchard for the ceremony.  Mely was the director of proceedings and we proceeded with the readings.  Toby and Vix led the readings and basically had us all on the verge of tears.  Then we moved on to the various Godparents readings, Julia was first with a song, backed up with guitar, her partner Nathan and a rubber chicken of all things.  Had everyone in stitches but was a beautiful moment as well, a junkstaposition if ever there was one.  I had to bloody follow them!!  Anyway, here is my reading …

I feel incredibly honored to be your Godfather. It’s an honor I couldn’t accept fast enough and one I will endeavour to fullfill however I can.

Stretching out before you lies a life, a life filled with potential. I know the path you cut through it will no doubt be your own and as individual and special as you are.

I promise to ease your way through the hard times and share in your many triumphs. To be there when you need me and to always be a source of love and understanding. I will always listen when you need and guide where I can. Though I cannot promise to always have an answer I’ll always give you my truth.

I wish for you a happy, long and fulfilled life. A life filled with wonder, adventure, love and warmth. I hope that you will count good luck a friend and misfortune an unknown foe. I wish for you nothing but the best of all things, always and I want you to know success in all things you do.

Everyone gathered here today will be a part of your story, a story I look forward to helping you write and reminisce on in years to come. I also look forward to meeting the people that you choose to bring into your life and ours. I know you will enjoy many more days like this one.

You have two amazing people as your parents. Two people that will cherish you and help make your life interesting, stimulating and true. I look forward to helping to teach you the values and skills required to navigate your way through life with integrity, conviction and joy.

After my reading it was Maz up for hers and she did a grand job as well. I’ll try and get the text from all the readings and update this page when I can. After the readings we all added wishes for Tara and popped them in a memory jar and we blessed an apple tree that we planted for Tara with a commemoritive plaque dedicated to Tara.

After the ceremony we all proceeded to stuff our faces with all manner of delectable nibbles and goodies. I ended up wandering around with an entire bottle of Champagne in good responsible Godfather mode, hic! Great times, as the sun went down we all gathered around the campfire for games, stories and songs. We even had a great contraption that Andy had made out of a stick and two sieves in order to make popcorn on an open fire. Genius! I think that was the highlight of Erins entire weekend!

Life is made for these moments …

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