We’re now a little into the 40xx series lifespan and it seems it’s all finally coming true. I think they’re going to be forced to revisit their pricing soon. There is already a downward trend in NVidia pricing so it bodes well for the community.

What Effected NVidia Pricing

This is obviously anecdotal but speaking from my personal point of view I think my experience is far from isolated. I had an RTX 2080 in my machine at the time and bought that primarily to accelerate Blender and my first forays into machine learning. The boost in productivity is significant for both tasks. Essentially having an “affordable” task specific super-computer on your desktop is a good thing. I paid £720 for that 2080.

Along comes the 30xx series and the boost in performance was crazy good. Particularly for the machine learning side of things which I had by that time started to work into one of my commercial products. So now there was an even stronger business use-case for the hardware.

At that point I decided to upgrade my main box to a 3080 and move the 2080 into a “co-processor” role that can be processing other tasks.

Supply Issues Effecting NVidia Pricing

I couldn’t find a single 3080 in-stock, from any of my usual suppliers. None.

I was already pretty shocked at what was going on at the time. The prices were insane and the supply was shot to pieces. Why buy a hugely inflated 3080 when I could add just a little more and purchase a 3090 from a sensible place?

I coughed up the £1800 and bought a 3090.

At that moment I knew this was going to be the last video card I bought for a good while. Most people don’t spend that kind of cash on an entire machine.

My Razor laptop cost less than that.

In fact, I know a significant number of people that don’t spend that much on the cars they drive …

The Fallout of NVidia Pricing

I think we’re already seeing the fallout of all this. I predict sales are going to be awful and prices are going to tumble. There are already downward trends happening and all of this is going to really bite NVidia in the ass.

And they deserve it.

Rebadging a “4080” to a “4070” and paying for 3rd parties to have their packaging reprinted … shame on you NVidia.

To be honest, EVGA leaving the market entirely was a foreboding event. Looks like it’s turning out they dodged a bullet.

Machine Learning

The issue I have is support. I always used to build with AMD unless there was a requirement for virtualisation, that historically often had ties into Intel.

As soon as I can confirm my work toolchains can work reliably with AMD, I think I’m gonna switch.

It’s really unfortunate that AMD seem to be having a lot of hardware issues, the timing of that is awful.

Anway …

Oh dear NVidia, it seems you’ve fallen foul of your own success and the market share has gone to your head.


Market corrections ahoy!

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