The Decline of Ebay

Ebay used to be great.  Today, however, was the last nail in the coffin for me.  Either as a seller, or a buyer.

When perusing the site these days I regularly see items that are wildly overpriced, even when compared to “normal” retailers, and often not just by a small margin but by orders of magnitude more expensive.  The original core attraction to Ebay was not only it’s auction format but the change to get a good deal.  After the auction novelty wears off and the Ebay business ego inflates along with its fees, what are you left with?  A massively over-complicated and expensive e-commerce site.

Finding items has become a hit-and-miss chore.  Then when you do find what you’re looking for the price is either the same as other sites or wildly over-priced (no doubt desperate sellers trying to recoup the inflated final selling fees).  The search feature is something lots of sellers are complaining about.  It since Ebay took the hosting in-house during 2015 and started “tinkering”.

Anyway, I completed my last Ebay sell last month, never again will I darken your site.  I sold an item for £145 – the cost to me £11 shipping – £14.50 final value fees.  £14.50 – 10%!!!!!  This makes Ebay utterly irrelevant for me to ever sell another item.  Free listing my arse, you’ve just up the final value fees.  So after 13 years bye, bye Ebay.  You just don’t make sense any more.

Searching through the discussion forums proves for some sobering reading for any sellers.  Droves of messages from sellers detailing how their sales , literally, fell off a cliff over the Summer of 2015.

Messages along the lines of:

we were doing $250k a month until the summer, now we’re lucky to do $50k a month – we have 20 staff and are looking at bankruptcy within months at this rate

Seems this is incredibly common and is utterly unsustainable for either Ebay or the sellers.  I think this is truly the final decline of Ebay.  My personal usage has ground to a halt over the last 12 months in any capacity and it seems this is true for a very large number of people.

You can read some here.

RIP Ebay.


  1. Jeremy Johnson · June 28, 2017 Reply

    Like AOL and Blockbuster, I will not feel sad to see such a seemingly unlimitedly powerful company fail. eBay no R.I.P. eBay burn in hell, criminal enterprise. May Paypal fall with it.

  2. YV EVANS · August 12, 2019 Reply

    ShitBay is dead- really. We’ve spent HOURS at work on ‘listings’ and there’s just no sales anymore, despite penny prices. DON’T do auctions, no one goes for that anymore. EVEN IF you do get a sale, the jerk will ask to cancel. TERRIBLE site. NO MONEY. Furthermore, the items as a buyer, they are garbage or not as described. Dishonest sellers. Dishonest company, shitBay.

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