Well I’ve just returned from attending a full on .NET 3.0 with C# course with Developmentor in London. What a great course! The tutor (Andy Clymer) really knew his stuff and made for a really great learning experience. We covered many, many topics including the new parts of VS2008 and the new elements that make up the new version of C# 3.0.

One of the very interesting topics covered was the ‘new’ replacement for Windows Forms – WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Finally the PC is getting the same GPU features for interface development that have existed for OSX for some time – basically all the graphics work is now handled by the video card … duh!!

We also covered XAML as part of the course and this is where it all ties in with the new Microsoft development tools Expression Design and Expression Blend. Both of these development tools are design for use with WPF through the creation and manipulation of XAML code. All very cool stuff.

Also covered were the other new major features for Visual Studio 2008 called LINQ. This is another great new feature of the development process allowing developers to write SQL directly into the C# language removing the feelings of slight abstraction from the system with older versions.

I’m sure you’ll be reading more about all of these things in due course!

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