Well this is just insane! Apparently it seems that the Glade Festival near Oxford has been partly shut down due to flooding issues and cars floating around’ the car park! Poor folks!! I’m off to WOMAD this coming weekend so i seriously hope that the weather picks up for this weekend or i’ll be a grumpy bugger!!

Seems that Gloucestershire is the worst hit this time around with about 300,000 people directly effected by either electricity or water supply issues.


And people will still be denying Global Warming, in fact I think that is directly one of the problems – terminology. It really shouldn’t ever be referred to as Globam Warming, its Climate Change. Two authors (Whitley Strieber & Art Bell) wrote and published a book in 1999 called “The Coming Global Superstorm”, it was initially subject to massive dirision from the corners of science dealing with climatology. And i don’t supposed the fact that it inspired the film “The Day After  Tomorrow”.
The real problem is that these same scientists guilty of laughing at its ideas are now themselves publishing peer reviewed white papers explaining the science behind their initial ideas.

The melting Greenland ice shelf reducing the salinity of the sea water and breaking the gulf stream … scary stuff …

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    BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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