Investor buys stake in Guyana forest

This is actually pretty cool in my opinion. Someone actually placeing a cash value on some rainforest is probably a good step in the right direction for the market to actually start realise that they are in a new paradigm. The market is a subset of the environment, the environment is not a resource FOR the market to pillage as it sees fit or when it makes financial sense to do so. Without the environment there is no market …

Canopy Capital is the company, they have ‘bought’ an area of Guyanian forest larger than the island of Mallorca! Actually they haven’t bought anything other than the rights to the carbon stored in the forests trees. After the new set of talks regarding the Kyoto replacement agreement Canopy Capital hopes to sell these rights (a carbon offset basically) at a profit. The really cool thing is that 80 percent of the profit will actually go back to the Iwokrama reserve.

As far as I can tell slapping a market value on something is the only way to get the market to actually pay attention since they can then base their calculation on it and realise that they simply have to do something about climate change before it eats all of their investments and cold hard cash. This is something people like Lester Brown have been saying for years. Its really good to see something actually happening.

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