I have no idea how many input devices I’ve used over the years. Pen tablets, mice, trackballs, light pens (remember those!!?). All manner of weird and wonderful things over the years.

I’ve always like trackballs. Back in the early 2000s running my recording studio with an array of huge CRTs and minimal desk space my trusty trackball was a life saver.

I had one of these beauties!

Saved me from much RSI over the years until I no longer had a PS2 port 🙁


In the interim I tried many alternatives some from Logitech and some from Kensington. Some notable ones like theses:

Whilst they were OK I never clicked (no pun) with them like I did with the original Trackball. That was until I picked up an MX ERGO. I cannot praise this device enough. Amazing. I charged it two days ago and have completed two days of work as a software engineer, so heavy use, it still shows 100% battery life and this is a 4 year old device at this stage. Really impressive.

If you’re after a trackball, don’t even think twice. This is the one you want. I have no complaints at all. Brilliant device.

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