Mechanican Keyboards – Ducky Shine 3

Well well …

I might be showing my age with this post but I don’t care frankly. I recently broke, I couldn’t take it any more. I’m officially sick of shit computer keyboards. As a developer I spend a lot of time in front of a keyboard. I type a lot. Years ago I remember using an old terminal style machine, far from anything fancy but sheesh the keyboard. The keyboard was frankly epic, turns out it was one of the now classic IBM Model M jobbies. So What?

Well, I never typed with so much accuracy since that beast was callously taken from me. Urgh!

Today we are brainwashed with always getting the best deal – read “cheapest”. Yay! I saved X number of Dinari for my life story, big deal. The IBM Model M ironically ISN’T a mechanical keyboard but a resistive spring loaded affair. Anyway, I can’t be arsed with the details frankly it had an epic feel, like a futuristic typewriter from a parallel universe in comparison to the shite that Dell et al shove out the door in a minute by minute basis.

Anyway, what did I do about it? I just received my order from I proper Cherry MX Blue stuffed Ducky Shine 3 Mofo. Dreamlike. I nearly went with Filco Majestouch but the TenKeyLess (TKL- no number pad) Ducky won that particular battle and I’m now typing this on it. Tactile, Small and fully featured (a bit like me actually).

Don’t hesitate, buy one, your figures will love you forever … the Ducky Shine 3 will probably also out-live your fingers btw … but at £118 isn’t for everyone. I spend at least 12 hours a day bashing away at keyboards so I can justify it easily, either way have a look. It really is a joy to use.

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