Meteorite Fell in Carancas, Peru

This is a pretty odd report … Why? Its the first meteorite story I’ve heard of where people in the surrounding area to the impact site fell ill. Seems to have made animal and people very sick (200 people by all accounts).

“It was 11:45 AM on Saturday, September 15, 2007, when alpaca farmer, Justina Limache, heard a “thunderous roar from the sky.” Scared, she grabbed her 8-year-old granddaughter and ran into her house. For the next few minutes, Justina heard rocks raining down on the roof so loudly that she worried her house would collapse. What 74-year-old Justina Limache did not know was that a meteorite had fallen near her Carancas, Peru, home 62 miles (100 kilometers) southeast of Puno and not far from Lake Titicaca. Carancas is a farm community of about 2,000 people who raise cows, alpacas, llamas and other animals on the high Andean plateau near the Bolivian border.

According to Jorge Lopez, Director, Puno Health Department, at least two hundred residents suffered headaches, nausea and breathing problems after inhaling “toxic fumes” emitted from the crater hole measured at 26 feet in diameter and several feet deep where ground water seeped in.”

You can read more of this report here:

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