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Well well … my girlfriend recently created a personal profile on MySpace probably about just under a month ago. All was well for the majority of that time until this past week where things went a little ‘off kilter’. she logged into her yahoo mail account one day and had about 28 mails from random people (mostly men …) which kind of spun her out a little bit. The next time she logged into her account a day later there were an additional 70+ MySpace emails. The the next day another 60+ she was now getting a little concerned that something had been done to her account or something else equally nefarious …

Then on thursday she logged onto her yahoo account to find no less than 265 MySpace emails, 99.9% men saying various things about her and her pictures and a few far less welcome emails to boot. I checked her MySpace account and she had received a staggering 8,500+ page views in under a month. The upshot of this is that we deleted her account completely. We both think of this as nothing less than online stalking/harassment. Needless to say she felt pretty weirded out by the whole thing and won’t be going anywhere near MySpace in the future.

She also has a Facebook account which has been a hell of a lot more friendly in general. Hurrah for Facebook!

Anyone else out there had similar experiences with MySpace?


  1. Paul Maddox · August 5, 2007 Reply

    Part of the problem is that myspace is ‘open’. Anyone can see your account information and anyone can send you a message.
    Another part of the problem is that there is a lot of very very sad people out there who think that just by mailing a young lady they’ll get attention.

    The reason you get much less of a problem with facebook is that you need to be member before you can see anyones profile, great for a circle of friends or community, not so good if you’re trying to make new friends.

    I’d also like to know how she managed to get 8500 page views in a month, I wish I could get that for our band (

    P.s. like the new funky layout.

  2. Jammer · August 5, 2007 Reply

    Indeed MySpace is more open and so enables people to be a bit more ‘contactable’, but it really did go beyond a joke in this instance. One of the people said that she had been added to a list of ‘cool people’ somewhere on the web but i’ve been unable to find anything about such a site.

    The 8500+ views is obviously as a result of this. i’ve not seen anyone elses profile get so much attention in such a short space fo time. Either way it was a completely wasted exercise all round really.

    glad you like the new layout too … 😀

    Must catch up soon chap! How’s the band work going?

  3. Paul Maddox · August 7, 2007 Reply

    It’s a shame to see it happen to people who don’t want it though.

    The band is going well, check out the website –

    We need to come and do some recording *REAL* soon, we’re upto 11 tracks and I reckon we’re ready to record an album.

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