I recently got so fed up with DropBox trouncing all over my shell icon overlays that I decided to attempt a drastic action.  Remove the write access to writing to the registry key that handles the shell icon overlays.  Specfically this one:


However, I was a tad overzealous with the ticking the deny checkbox and completely borked the access to the key for everything, including the Administrators group.  Even running RegEdit as Administrator wasn’t working.

So, how do you fix this on Windows 10?  SysInternals strikes again.  Pop over here and download PSExec.  Then basically we’re going to launch RegEdit, not as Administrator but as SYSTEM.  To do this CD over to the directory where PSExec is now living on your system and open a command window.  Run this command window as administrator.  The command you want to run is:

psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe

And Voilá, you can see all your stuff again. Yay!

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