PMC – More Impressions.

The more I listen to the music I really know intimately the more I’m impressed with the feel of these monitors. As I keep saying they are really unforgiving and will provide a hell of a window into the mixes we do in the studio. Last night I gave Pink Floyd – The Wall a listen on them, the sound was huge, open and really well defined. To be honest it sounded a lot better than some of the more recent things we have been listening too on these monitors.

I’m sure hardly anyone reading this will have ever done anything like this but if you rip the audio from a CD copy of The Wall and have a look at it in a stereo editor, its actually *extremely* quiet. They have retained the dynamics on the version I have, well it looks as though they haven’t done that ‘remastered’ thing for the version I have.

We also had a listen to some Ian Brown tracks from his album ‘Music of the Spheres’ this also sounded very, very good on these monitors and in fact I’d go as far as to say that it was one of the better sounding a lbums over the entire listening session last night. Really well frequency balanced and all round great mixes. A lot of the records we’re listening too are appearing a little harsh so its good to know that there are albums out there that i’ve always considered to be well
produced to translate well on these monitors.

There is so much to take into consideration!!

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