Reading Festival …

Well, what a total mess this festival is eh! Its actually the first time i’ve ever been to a ‘Rock Festival’ and its definitely going to be the last. Its not that I have anything against Rock Music and definitely nothing to do with the types of people that like Rock Music as that includes myself as I really do listen too and enjoy every kind of music out there. That said, a large number of them add hot sun, greasy festival (and some not so greasy) festival food stalls and lots of alchohol and it all adds up to something I don’t consider to be much fun at all really.

Shame really … the site was massive. Walking in from the White car park this year at 10pm was hellish. It was like something from a refugee camp but with alcohol. The number of camp fires burning was extreme to say the least, just walking through the campsites my eyes were streaming with too much wood smoke. I remember at the time thinking just what a potential nightmare this was with the number of punters rolling around and indeed by the monday two festival goers had been set on fire … nice.

Then the weather had resulted in a massive increase in the number of mosquitoes and the proximity of the Thames river to the site meant that stack and stacks of people were bitten and needed treatment, including myself with some rather savage facial bites! I have to totally congratulate the Festival Medical Services charity as for the few hours I spent in the medical tent they were calmly and dedicated to treating all sorts of folks and problems. Thumbs up, big time!

Hey ho, at least Reading marked the end for me to the hardest working festival season yet … oh the MUD!!

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