Reinstalling Windows 10 After Upgrade

So, shortly after upgrading my machine to Windows 10 I suffered a major fault with the installation of Windows on the OS SSD drive.  No fault of Windows = User Error … yes … me!

So, I took the opportunity to update the old OCZ Vertex 3 SSD to a Samsung EVO 850 250Gb SSD.  Really nice drive for £77 from PC World.  Surprisingly good price for a high street store as well.  Anyway …

Installed Windows 10 from the DVD I had burned and couldn’t get the OS to activate with the Microsoft Servers.  Very frustrating.  I ended up having several phone calls with Microsoft support (3 or 5 calls were cut off so this took a while).

A short conversation with the support peeps was a little annoying.  I was advised that I had to install Windows 8 (which I have a license for) then I have to upgrade that to Windows 8.1 and then upgrade that to Windows 10.

Painful?  Absolutely.  A day just to get the OS onto the machine … A DAY!!  All the updates have to be applied between the major version upgrades.

The problem I have is that other people have been given Windows 10 specific keys by Microsoft support which is a lot nicer.  I hope I don’t have to do this again, considering my day rate for work it’s significantly cheaper to simply buy a license …

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