Hmm … I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader. Ok, its a great program no doubt about it but its getting a tad bloated these days. Not to mention the horrid little app that Adobe sees fit to bunndle with it – Adobe Photo Downloader. This little app sits in your taskbar and waits for you to insert a memory card or digital camera and then will attempt to download images from the connected devide to your hard disk. As if that was a complicated task that needed a whole new app that gets installed whether the end user wants it or not … cheek!

I serched through the options in Adobe Reader and Photoshop Album Starter Edition and couldn’t find any options relating to this feature so ended up uninstalling the whole Photoshop Album Starter Edition. I know it may all seem a bit geeky and many of you are probably either wondering what on earth i’m wibbling on about or have stopped reading entirely so, i’ll stop typing now … go forth and uninstall!! 😀

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