ReSharper 10 Speed Woes

I love ReSharper, I really do feel slightly lost when using Visual Studio and hitting Alt+Enter doesn’t offer the same code sugar rush I’ve come to expect.  But I’ve gotta say that VS2015 Update 2 with ReSharper 10.0.2 is just starting to get to a point where the marriage seems to be stagnating.

For the first time since I started using ReSharper all those years ago I’m reaching for the suspend button.  I’m regularly seeing it use such a vast amount of my CPU cycles that I just cannot justify leaving ReSharper active all the time.  There are certain problems I know work on where the syntax can structure can see the instance of of Visual Studio running ReSharper start using 80+% of my i7.

That’s a LOT of CPU grunt.  I should really also say that as far as I can tell so far Visual Studio 2015 seems to be the buggiest RTM version I have used.  I have multiple issues at the moment with no solid workaround or even much help/input from Microsoft.

The versions of tools I have here are:

  • Visual Studio 2015 (14.0.25029.00 Update 2 RC)
  • .NET 4.6.01038
  • ReSharper 10.0.2 (104.0.20151218.120627)

There is a guide provided by JetBrains for speeding up ReSharper.  You could argue that having a guide like this acknowledges there is an issue, which I think is both fair and slightly unfair.  Either way I’m a die-hard fan and even I’ve had to resort to looking over this guide and trying to arrive at a feature/usefulness balance that I can life with day-to-day.  Seeing delays of 2 seconds between key presses is the makings of pure frustration but it is what I have been seeing on occasions, at times like that ReSharper is anything but a productivity tool.

I was working on a solution the other day and was having some serious issues with the performance I was seeing, I switched from using ReSharper intellisense to using the built in Visual Studio intellisense and was genuinely shocked to see the immediate difference.  The difference in speed was actually shocking.

This is actually the first thing I would suggest people try in order to speed up their system.  It appears ReSharper is doing an awful lot of text chugging in order to arrive at some of the suggestions and naming options.  Whilst useful, in the particular section of code I was writing (View constraints in a Xamarin iOS solution) the processing was just killing my machine.

Will keep this up-to-date with anything useful I find along the way.

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