I just finished reading Sacha Barbers latest article on CodeProject called GeoPlaces.  There are a few people publishing on the CP site which are required reading in my opinion and Sacha is one of them.  After reading this last article I left a note showing my appreciation stating that I thought Sacha should write a book.  Fortunately for us peons it looks like that message might have rang one of Sachas many bells.

Sachas articles feel like they are complete packages.  A situation or problem is devised that provides the purpose of the article and then solved using the most appropriate methods, with a good helping of other tidbits along the way (Barbers Pearls? … ahem).  To see the complete view of a system or working application is a million times more helpful or informative than bitesize code snippets that contribute to a solution.  I’ve always appreciated Sachas production of these articles, they are major works in themselves and it’s clearly all for the love of it, plain and simple.  Gotta respect that.

Working with other devs is sometimes a real chore and can seriously impact a projects ‘completeness’ or ‘correctness’ they’ll most likely write something in a way they are already versed in, other devs are obviously very passionate and dynamic in terms of the solution they end up employing for any given problem.

I reckon I know which camp Sacha is in.  I’ve worked with some devs that leave you feeling inspired to improve, and it really does wonders for your own efforts.  Since I’ve only been doing .Net for a little over a year I hope I’ll become one of them in time, meanwhile we should read all the good stuff we can hopefully we’ll be able to read Sachas offering soon!

Vote for a book from Sacha on his blog!

Oh, and I think he’s already coined a phrase … DubPF … 🙂

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