I can’t believe what is happening over there at the moment. Its just disgraceful. All this heading towards the Olympics as well. In fact I can’t believe China has actually been given the Olympics. They have moved out thousands from their homes and villages only to build unused empty fake cities to make it look more prosperous that it really is. Then this all kicks off. The Chinese government have even had the audacity to say:

Chinese authorities have blamed the Dalai Lama for orchestrating the unrest in an attempt to sabotage this summer’s Beijing Olympics and promote Tibetan independence.

I mean, do they really think people in the west are stupid? We’ve been subjected to enough manipulation and lies in the past to see right through this sort of utter bullshit. The Dalai Lama orchestrating violence??? I just can’t see that happening myself. The exiled Tibetan government are saying that nearly 100 have been killed in the riots and China is saying that just 19 have been killed, one of them a police officer. This is unfortunately what happens when you try to suppress people, they rebel. In real terms Tiananmen Square riots happened not so long ago (19 years) and as far as I’m concerned for anyone in my age group that is still very fresh in the mind. So really its just more of the same from China.

I’m not a sporty person at the best of times and it usually passes by without much attention from me but this time I’m actively boycotting it.


  1. ?? · March 23, 2008 Reply

    Hello, Ramble Jam, I am a college student live and grow up in china since I was born. After looking at your opinion about what happens in Tibet, you really don’t kown much about china and the tibet, I think you just the one of the most people who follow the media. I promise you even don’t kown the chinese history a little bit. This riot may associat you with the Tiananmen square riot, but this two riots are so different, Do you kown why most of the chinese people oppose the communist party in 1989 but in this time, most chinese people including the people who live in the HONG KONG support the action of the communist government? In 1989 all chinese pepole demanded for democrocy and freedom, but in recently, some Tibetons needs the independence! In 1989 we marched on the streets organized and peacefully, but this time, the rioters are killing the han-chinese people and burning the buildings and the shops,even schools and hospitals! where is the human rights of the citizens who live under the fear of death? lots of video prove what I said if you don’t believe. I always appreciate the values that the western world advocate, especially love,freedom and the human rights. But this time l found the news about Tibet is so bias and subjective, it didn’t condemn what the rioters did, but criticised what the chinese did and boycotted the olympics for protecting the rioters’ “human rights”. The western media are so disappoint me this time.

  2. Jammer · March 23, 2008 Reply

    This is a completely fair point. I have never been to either country and the media always have a lot to answer for. To be honest I haven’t even followed the news items on what is currently happening very closely at all. Whist you have some good points there is also some history to take into account like you say. Tibet is hardly known for its intrinsic violent past, China is. China occupied Tibet and that has resulted in its government being based in India since that time. Burning, looting, killing is wrong, end of story. At the same time it also has to be remembered that China is still the agressor in this instance since they occupied another country and systematically started to take it over. End of story.

    I admit though I shouldn’t have made any analogy with the June Forth Incident, it is very different.

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