UE Boom

Just picked up one the beauties.  I have to say that this is probably one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever heard. The bass response on the little thing is nothing short is astounding.

The level of bass that this can produce really is impressive considering its tiny size. I use it every day and it on needs charging once a week. The battery life is intrinsically linked to how loud you have it set to, not surprising really.

the weather proofing on it is a major win for a mobile device. It’s not water proof but will be fine in a light shower outside. I’m surprised at the lack of a feature like this is many of these kinds of devices since they are designed to mobile by their very nature.

The build quality on the unit is also exceptional. The mesh over the speakers is solid and the rubberised section container the main volume controls feels really tactile and solid.

Pairing the device to your Bluetooth equipment is a completely painless process. There is a small button the press and hold in order to open the device to new connections from new devices and it pairs extremely effectively. I have it paired with my MacBook Pro, an iPad and my Android phone. The connection is solid and never seems to drop even when the device is on a different floor in the house to the device it’s currently paired with. One very neat feature is being able to pair two of these devices for true stereo playback, I’ve only got one so I cannot comment on this but judging from the performance on the unit I can only assume it would be brilliant.

On first play I was simply stunned at how much sound came out of the thing, it can fill a large room with a lot of sound, something that cannot be said for a lot of other Bluetooth speakers. When I was choosing which unit to get it was a toss up between this and the little Bose unit but the form factor and weather proofing and sheer sound quality of this won the day.

Another really cool feature is the inclusion of a standard tripod specification screw mount. If you have a Gorillapod type mini tripod this can screw into the speaker and let you mount the speaker literally anywhere. Very cool and also as far as I know unique to the UE Boom.

I cannot say enough good things about the unit. Amazing …

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