Well this makes for some interesting reading I can tell you! Seems like the MSN site run by M$ is intentionally breaking its web site in order to make users feel that Opera is a less than desirable web browser when in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth! Whilst not claiming to be any definitive authority on the subject I think Opera is probably the best solution to the less technical people who do actually want to use something other that IE or safari (the two ‘bundled’ browsers for Windows and Mac respectively).

Have a read of this Opera and MSN article, obviously I can’t vouch for the contents but its on the Opera site and M$ wouldn’t like it if they thought they could win some action. Its also referring to Opera 7 so it must be pre April 2005 as well but it makes for interesting reading either way. Or at least it does for the geekishly inclined among us! heh heh … 🙂

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