The more Apple get in the news the more I wonder how long they can keep up with this “cool” image they seem to have.  Yes they make nice looking devices but their business practices stink.

It was their choice to offer this new music streaming service for free, not the artists.  If you wish to make that gesture for your benefit that’s fine but how dare you even think that you should not pay the copyright owners.  As far as I’m concerned that is institutionalised theft on a grand scale.

Well done to Taylor Swift for speaking up and shame on all the others that didn’t.

As a one time budding musician and commercial studio owner I know just how hard it is to breakit in that industry and three months of massively reduced income for many small labels would literally be the death-knell for them, for Apple it would be a minor blip in profits if that.

Shame on you Apple.  The Tweet from Eddy Cue “Apple will always make sure that artist are paid iTunesAppleMusic” just appears like the damage limitation crap that it is.

For anyone now moaning about Taylor Swift – You’d moan about any “rich” artists raising this issue and go on a witch hunt for them.  Stop your whinging and appreciate that Apple would only listen to someone in that position.

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