Windows 8.1

Well I know, very late to the game on this one.  Problem is I loved Windows 7 as much as I did Windows XP and since I have a lot going on my development machine the priority is keeping that running not reinstalling every 5 minutes.

For various tasks I have had Windows 8.1 Pro installed in a Parallels VM on my Mac for about a year.   I rarely used it for anything meaningful though.  Other than to back up some SVN repositories and  some Café based code reviewing of my solutions so never really got to grips with it.  The only tablet I have is an iPad Mini running iOS for testing.

Anyway, after 4 years of hacking, slicing and dicing my Windows 7 box finally gave up the configuration ghost last week.  All hail Windows 7!  So seeing that I need to support Windows Phone 8/8.1 development I decided to migrate the VM OS onto my main development machine.

What on earth everyone complaining about?  I’m actually really loving the Windows 8 experience.  Granted there was about 5 mins of “Eh?” moments but all in all I think this is a great OS.  Feels REALLY fast, yes I know this is a new installation but even my main tools like Visual Studio and ReSharper feel much snappier in response.

Just a month before Windows 10 appears … hmm …

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