Well, I’ve spent the best part of a week trying to figure out why my application was constantly falling over on my test machine.  I’ve been taking bits of code out, putting in new bits (debugging code) and trying all manner of things.  Finally I have found the problem.

Its all stemming from wanting to give my users a simple straight forward installation without my installer having to spawn MSI installation in order to get SQL Compact installed and working for my application.  Basically, there is no problem with the Microsoft documentation on how to do this … so long as you aren’t using LINQ that is … as soon as you throw LINQ into the equasion things go tits up.  To get around this problem you need to make some additions to your app.config file.  If you include the code listed below you will find that your private installation of SQL Compact will magically start working!



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XAML, Blend & Binding to Static Data Sources

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