XAML, Blend & Binding to Static Data Sources

I’ve just been having a little play around with some methods for binding UI elements (in this case a ComboBox) to static data sources. As you may know Blend offers a UI to set up data binding to CLR objects (this is accessed from the main Blend UI using the [+CLR Object] button in the Data window. I had setup a Static class with a Static member that is an ObservableCollection<T>. However, when clicking on the [+CLR Object] this static class is not displayed as a potential data binding source. This is odd since this is a perfectly workable solution using this kind of binding syntax in XAML.


I’m trying to find out why this is the case since Blend should in theory just display this class as a potential datasource for the ComboBox and allow the user to bind to it. You can see this in action if you download the solution I created whilst trying this out:

Download XAML Static Class Binding Example

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