I’m currently in the midst of helping a company delivery a new version of their mobile application. So I need a Mac for producing the iOS build.

Back in 2013 I bought a MacBook Pro making it an early 2013 MacBook Pro. Apple have decided for me that this machine is now obsolete as per Big Sur. Last week my development tool chain started to creek and no longer updates. Not a great situation to be in and Apple really do not care and have never cared enough about backwards compatibility. It’s just not a priority for a consumer electronics company focused on selling hardware.

So, I’ve had to pull the trigger on buying a new M1 based Mac Mini. I refuse to spend Apple laptop kind of money on what is essentially a very expensive dongle on my network whose only job is to compile iOS and OSX software I write. It’ll never do anything else. Kinda sad really but eh. Apple force developers onto their platform by not allowing software to be built on any platform AND I have to pay them £99 a year for even the privilege of doing that.

From reading reviews this seems like a ridiculously capable machine. Often beating £3500+ laptops in benchmark tests doing various tasks like encoding UHD 4K video. A few developer comments seem to suggest that it compiles things really quickly as well. Music to my ears.

Also … at the new price £699 … this mini powerhouse … costs the same as …

The fucking wheels on the Mac Pro.

The wheels that don’t even have a fucking brake.

Apple. You’re scoring A+ in trolling.

Linux Again
Advanced Installer FTW Again

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