So, another saga in my PC mechanical keyboard story started yesterday.

A few weeks ago the left CTRL switch on my Ducky Shine 6 developed an issue (you can read a bit about that journey here). Arses, I thought to myself. This was immediately turned into an opportunity however, always a silver lining. I can justify getting another one! Yay! It still works but it’s frankly ruined the feel of a premium keyboard. Also, since the switches are soldered to the PCB it’s not a quick fix. It’s not a hard fix by any means but it’s not a case of just pulling the switch and popping in a new one like a modular. Besides, I don’t have a replacement switch and my soldering iron is broken. I digress …

Why do these things happen near Black Friday? Eh, eh! It’s a conspiracy!!

I need full size as I use a hell of a lot of different applications that all make extensive use of keyboard shortcuts, including the numpad keys specifically (think Blender). Once I have another good full-size mechanical keyboard in the house to use I’m going to de-solder the faulty switch and replace it.

Since I bought my Ducky Shine 6 I’ve gotten very interested in trying to move away from Cherry MX switches. They have been the most prominent switch I’ve personally used. Although they seem to be the most popular, I’ve become less and less convinced this is for any real valid reason other than it it “just is”. Ever since I started down this path with modern mechanical keyboards I have to now admit I’m chasing my mid 1990s IBM Model M experiences.

The Mechanical Keyboard Next Step!

So, where did I go this time? Well … glad you asked.

I just took delivery of a GMMK Full-Size with a bag of Kailh Box Whites and am in fact typing this blog entry using this keyboard.

WOW … I’m a convert. Cherry switches are over-rated. There, I said it.

I prefer these switches to Cherry MX Blues. So much so, I’m already investigating the Kailh Box Pink switches as an even further improvement on the Box Whites. Apparently, they are very Model M’ish, which is music to my ears! Buckling sping type feel in a modern box switch sounds fabulous. If only the availability wasn’t so patchy. Looks like I might have a long wait for those. Anyway …

I can only rave about the Glorious GMMK, or to give it the full name – Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (link). Coming from a veteran long-term Ducky user this is pretty good praise. I’m seriously impressed. It’s full size, yet feels small. The metal top plate gives it a really sturdy feel and the switches feel glorious (no pun). The software isn’t a complete nightmare. Not great but really very serviceable and gets the job done with minimal fuss. I’m probably going to do a fuller write up once I’ve spent a bit more time with this keyboard. 

The typing experience seems more consistent across the buttons. I honestly think it’s time Ducky offered their users more switch options. Cherry doesn’t seem to be the best game in town any more.

Mechanical Keyboard Review - GMMK

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