OSX Mavericks Wi-Fi Not Reconnecting

OSX weirdness strikes again.  In the year I’ve been using OSX I’ve been surprised a number of times by oddities and general weirdness and I’ve just had another experience of this ilk.

After I updated the OS to 10.9.3 (Mavericks) my Wi-Fi would never reconnect properly on a reboot or a wake from sleep.  I tried various solutions listed on the Apple discussion sites none of which worked, the last in the list of solutions was to reinstall OSX!!  Which coming from a Windows world seems drastic in the extreme.  It used to be one of those running Windows jokes – reinstall windows, sheesh it’s such a nightmare OS isn’t it blah, blah.  Well since I upgraded to Windows 7 I have to say that it is a brilliant OS, better than XP and XP was damn fine.

Anyway, I appear to have finally fixed my Wi-Fi issues!  What was the issue?  A dodgy BLUETOOTH plist file … BLUETOOTH config cocking up my Wi-Fi?  Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense – said no-one ever.

Seriously, OSX is not the be all and end all apple devotees make out.  I’ve read about all kinds of plist problems on all their platforms.

So to fix …

1. Open a finder window

2. Click on Machintosh HD in the right hand panel

3. Open the Library folder

4. Open the Preferences folder

5. Click and drag com.apple.Bluetooth.plist to your desktop to make a copy of it

6. Click and drag the com.apple.Bluetooth.plist file from the Preferences folder into your trash bin

7. Enter your password in the window that pops up to actually move it to the trash

8. Restart your mac

Under some situations you may have to re-pair your bluetooth devices but I didn’t and my Wi-Fi reconnected to my home network immediately like it used to before the Mavericks update.

Confused?  You should be …

If all goes to plan, delete the com.apple.Bluetooth.plist on your desktop and banish this problem to he bin for good.

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  1. Khatchik · July 12, 2014 Reply

    Thank you, I was tearing my hair out and was aware that precjot/target settings could get out of sync but somehow forgot to double check this time. I clicked the bold provisioning entries in target settings and deleted them. Now they inherit from the precjot settings and it finally just worked .

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