RIP FireFox (at least until v30 anyway).

That’s it.  I’ve stood by you and defended you but today was just it for me.

I really don’t know what’s happened and I’ve exhausted all solutions I can think of.  I’ve reset your settings, removed Firebug and reinstalled it.  I’ve even backed up my profile, reinstalled Firefox and restored  my core profile data (from the reset version of course).  Nada, nothing.  Firefox 29 is just unusable for me now.  Today I wasted an hour trying to locate and fix a bug in an MVC site that just works everywhere else (Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE YES even IE) Firefox just sits there.

Ever since the FF 29 update you just haven’t been the same, slow, crashy and just not fun to use at all.  Even switching from one tab to another has taken a lifetime.

I have switched to Chome …

… for now …


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