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I should start this by saying that I’m really not an Apple fan boy or a Microsoft fan boy or any tech fan boy to be honest. I’ve been involved in too many technical pursuits like running recording studios to managing servers to buy into it. If you want to see REAL fan boys get involved in the music industry and insult someone’s synthesiser or guitar, you’ll live to regret it. I use a Mac, PC and Android phone every single day. I use Windows 7, OSX, Android and Ubuntu every single day. Command line hacking and nice clicky graphics, every single day. An I an expert? No, but I do have an opinion!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a few comments about the content of the WWDC. Sure some interesting stuff was shown, the graphic processing on the iPad was seriously impressive it has to be said. Everything else was bit – Meh, so what? And then the figures that were shown. I mean come on Apple that was weak. You’ve got the tech world watching and you roll out some of the most ridiculous figures as proof.


All I can say is thankfully I’ll never have to learn Objective-C. Every time I’ve opened XCode a shudder has gone down my spine and within 30 mins I’ve closed it again. Just horrible. So you’ve obviously spent considerable resources designing a new language – great! That’s also reset the experience of the majority of your developers as they have to learn it. But really, boasting that it’s 220x times faster than Python doing encryption is pathetic. Sure, my Lambourginis 0-100 time is faster than this Orange!! Go me!

It’s also a bit like finally admitting that Obj-C is crap, which it is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to taking a look.


There is no denying it Apple – Android has over 80% market share. So poking fun at Android for fragmentation is a little unfair. I’m developing an Android application at the moment and I’ve decided to target v4 + as that will cover over 80% of the Android market. And don’t forget that there a LOT of old iPads out there that cannot be upgraded past iOS 5 … your own market is fragmented.

OSX – Windows Bashing

This argument is getting tired …

You also stated that Mavericks was the fastest adopted OS in history. This is also a completely unfair comparison when you slate Windows. Windows is often used in environments where upgrading is either insanely expensive or not even an option. Governments and mission critical scenarios. Basically its used in places that if anyone even suggested using your OS for the job would be sacked on the spot.

For all it’s faults Windows is a different beast to OSX, used in places for tasks no-one would ever think about using OSX so again you’re comparing apples and oranges (‘scuse the pun). My Windows 7 box is amazing, hugely powerful and VERY capable, even though I have a Retina MacBook Pro it’s still my goto machine for serious work – Audio, Video, Development etc. Stop making idle comparisons, especially when the majority of your audience is “in the know”.

Also, remember that iCloud is using Microsoft Azure …

Anyway, I’ve got work to do …

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