Facebook Suspended My Account – The Real Name Policy Fiasco

So I went to log into my Facebook account the other day and was presented with a message saying that my account had been suspended.  Why?  They were under the suspicion that the name I was using on their site wasn’t my real name.

Er?  So what?  It’s hardly a legally binding scenaio.  Saying that it is their policy is just a tad ridiculous.

The uproar surrounding the LGBT problems last year was a prime example of a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  I have had to submit a scan of my driving licence in order for Facebook to check and confirm my real name and DOB.  The argument that it will stop bullying just doesn’t make sense, I see plenty of that from people using their real names.  It also won’t help people find me as EVERYONE I know knows me by my nickname (which I was using on FB) so as soon as my real name appears on the site THAT will confuse people.

After this event I am seriously considering whether I want to continue using their system at all.  The social experiments they performed on users back in 2012 was, in my opinion, scandalous and a huge breach of trust.  And now we are looking at an even worse practise by the company in the shape of internet.org.  This is simply not cool.

I’m starting to really dislike this company, A LOT.

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