Well, this was a bit of a pain in the arse.

When I initially paired Visual Studio 2012 to my Mac it all seemed to pair and be happy.  No problems with the pairing, the two found each other on the network and all was well.  Then it came to actually doing something.  FAIL.

Visual Studio was moaning about not being about to actually connect to it to perform a build.  I stupidly hit the Unpair button and then couldn’t work out how to “re-pair” the two.  The steps I performed to get this working:

  1. Run regedit and remove the Xamarin entries for you Mac under KnownServers
  2. Turn off the Mac Firewall (this seem insane and I’m looking for a better solution)
  3. Restart your Mac
  4. Go through the standard Pairing process
  5. Should be good to go!

Once I clear up the Firewall advice insanity I’ll update this post with anything I find out.

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