iPad Mini Cover – Tech 21 Impact Mesh + Apple Smart Cover

After I blogged about the appalling quality of the IWANTIT(to fuck off) case I’ve upgraded.

After looking around a lot I thought the functionality of the Apple Smart Cover was pretty cool but I didn’t want to go and add a stack of bulk to the iPad Mini, I bought the Mini for a reason, so why bulk it out with unwieldy case?

Tech 21 Impact Mesh (Impactology … ahem)


The Impact Mesh case is really nice, rubbery and close fitting, all the bits that should line up with the iPads controls and ports do in fact line up although the camera hole isn’t quite centered with the camera lens but absolutely does not effect the camera use at all.  I’m not going to test how it handles impacts as I don’t ever really want to find out that it doesn’t as I’m sure you can appreciate.  However, it looks like it will do a fine job.  I think the “impactology” bit is all about dissipating the pressure of an impact away from the point of contact.  I hope they did test it.  It feels well worth the £29.95.

Smart Cover

I bought mine on ebay for £14 … sorry apple £35 for this cover is simply outrageous.  When put side by side with the Mesh I simple cannot see how you can justify that cost.  It’s a cover with a magnetic clasp, woo.  Does what it says on the tin.

Combining Them

Anyway, the Impact Mesh case and the Smart Cover are not as compatible as Tech 21 would lead you to believe.  With the Mesh case fitted the Smart Cover cannot properly engage with the magnetic clasp mechanism and so it “falls off” the surface if you hold it upside down.  Not a major problem so far as when you need it protected most (in a bag) it’s going to be held in place by the fact it’s in a bag.  So far this feels like a winning combination, not perfect and whilst it is compatible in the sense that both elements can be mounted on the mini at the same time the Mesh 21 case does impact on the full functionality of the Smart Cover.

Given that I paid less that half price for the Smart Cover I may attempt to trim off a millimeter or two of the excess rubber on the Smart Cover to try and fix the issue if it becomes a problem.  Considering I’ve got a £400 device this seems like it might be worth sacrificing the £14 cover if it does prove to be a problem.

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