Israel – The Generals Son

I have only just discovered Miko Peled through my friend Vix.  He is the son of the legendary Israeli general Mattityahu Peled.

As far as I’m concerned this man could very well turn out to be an Israeli analogy to Nelson Mandela working against apartheid in terms of his position and opinion on the Israeli/Palastine conflict.  He is a fantastic speaker with the history and credentials that place him in an utterly key position in the whole story and the potential solution.

As far as I can tell this man is not only required reading / listening / watching but quite possibly the ONLY opinion to listen to.

I personally am no longer buying anything produced or linked to Israel in any way, consider yourself boycotted.  It is an oppressive, racist, disgusting totalitarian regime of the worst kind.

I am sickened by the silence of the politicians that apparently represent me in the UK government. They have again proved themselves to be spineless, ineffective, flaccid wastes of skin.  Pathetic.  When I learned the that US congress, right in the middle of this new conflict mid 2014, had unanimously voted to supply Israel with even more equipment and bombs to drop on children I was literally left speechless.  I’m literally sickened by it all.

Some of the photographs I have seen on social media over the last few weeks will literally never leave my mind until the day I die.  Parents carrying what is left of their children in plastic bags, a father screaming in pain holding up the legs of his child.  Images that simply should impossible to take.

Israel has ABSOLUTELY committed war crimes.  There is no debate about that, they simply have, period.  Intentionally bombing children in shelters as they sleep is utterly indefensible; Israel is a monster.

I believe that the outrage is such that Israel is in the process of committing suicide, I cannot see how it can come back from this with an iota of respect from anyone.

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the First World War – we have learnt nothing at all.

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