The Apple Developer Clique – MkII

So, today I got another email from Apple about my enrollment in their development program.

Turns out I don’t have to wait for another call, I got a very courteous email from them stating that they had seen my second application come through and since I had been through the process already they had “fast tracked” the old enrollment to make that one the active one.  So why cancel it in the first place?

The email even contains the statement from the Apple employee saying “I know how confusing our enrollment process is”.  Duh!

That isn’t the only confusing thing Apple does.  I had to use Safari and was told to clear out the history of cookies and credentials, why?  During the enrollment process the form to process the payment does some very odd (javascript?) actions that looked like their were doing something funky in the background but was visually confusing.  And then it insisted on mangling my phone number as the validation on the form is expected US style numbers and anything else appears to confuse it.

In addition to this when I clicked the nicely convenient link they had popped into the email to take me to it hit some very weird Virgin “I can’t find that page link” so I had to then type that in manually anyway.  So I am now enrolled and am waiting for something to arrive in my inbox, I hope they aren’t going to email my signing keys …

Great job Apple.  So far I’m hugely unimpressed.

I wonder what exciting weirdness awaits when I try to actually do anything meaningful in XCode.

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